Module F5: Solo performer (15 credits)

This module is intended to allow you to demonstrate your ability as a performer with special reference to performance of solo music in the context of Christian worship (including music played or sung before or after a service). You should be able to draw on your other studies for the diploma as a means of enriching and developing your understanding of, and approach to, the practice of music in liturgy and worship. Much of your preparation for this module is likely to be related to your regular work as a solo performer.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module you will be able: (a) to demonstrate a knowledge of repertory for your voice or instrument that is suitable for liturgical and extra-liturgical use; (b) to plan a varied programme, with due consideration for externally-imposed constraints (e.g. limitations of available instrument, unfavourable acoustic, etc.); and (c) to perform your chosen programme to the standard appropriate for a postgraduate diploma, and with due attention to consideration of period style and performance practice.


The normal preparation and individual tuition for performance and practical examination is appropriate, but here there is a particular emphasis on music in the context of Christian worship. It is expected that you will be working towards this module during both years of study for the diploma.


Assessment is based on a performance and a discussion with the examiners.

  1. The performance should consist of a recital of solo music. The music should last about 45 minutes in performance. This may include a break of up to five minutes.
  2. This will address issues of choosing music for the liturgy and repertory, and matters arising from the performance. The discussions of choosing music for the liturgy and repertory will be based on the material specified by you in advance.

When the examiners allocate grades and marks, 75 per cent of the assessment will be based on the performance.

Arrangements for the assessment

You should submit a proposal for the content of the performance to the Course Secretary before the performance takes place. To be considered for a pass in this module your repertory should include works identified by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music as being equivalent to Grade 8 standard.

If there is no difficulty with your proposal, approval will be granted by the time the study period begins. If there are reservations the matter will be resolved as quickly as possible.

If you require an accompanist you are responsible for making the necessary arrangements for them to attend the examination. Both piano and organ will be available.

One month before the end of the study period (i.e. 31 May or 31 December) you must submit a plan for solo music to be included at three events: a regular service in your own church, a service for a major festival or special occasion in your own church, and a meditation or recital of sacred solo music. You should list the music, include a single copy of each item selected (if requested), and provide a brief explanation for your choices (100-200 words for the church services, 400-500 words for the meditation/recital).